Based in Nelson, New Zealand, Thadeus Creative Ltd is operated by Steve Hussey. 'Thadeus' was Steve's nickname in school and over the years many of his friends still call him by that name.

The company was established in July 2007 although the greeting card side of the business had been going for a couple of years prior to that as a small part-time business.

Steve is a veteran of commercial graphic and web design with nearly 20 years' experience. He has contracted to many companies throughout New Zealand, Australia and USA. He has worked as User Experience Manager on 'TradeMe' sized web applications right down to one page websites that spring up in an hour. He has branded everything from 'Dog Soap' to 'Transaction Management Software'.

We work from a home office in Stoke, Nelson and contract out overflow or specialty work around the world but use local talent where it is most suited, however most of the day-to-day design work is still produced by Steve.